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I’m Charlene, owner of the Pilateso studio and movement and wellbeing geek. My journey with Pilates began about 10 year's ago.  My mother was suffering with sciatica as a result of a lower back injury and the doctor recommended Pilates classes.  I went to classes with her and fell in love with the method and how effective it is!  I went on to study for my qualification with Drummond Education Physiotherapists and Trainers (based in Maidenhead).  The qualification emphasised my love for movement!  It covered Biomechanics, Physical Therapy, Pre and Post-Natal.  



Pilates is for everyone!


If you've done Pilates before you'll know about the amazing effects it has on body and mind.  It can strengthen muscles, increase joint mobility, reduce musculo-skeletal pain and the endorphins released during exercise flood your body with happy hormones, energising you.  If you're new to Pilates you may be worried that you won't "fit-in" or do it "right".  Let me assure you that Pilates is for absolutely anyone - regardless of age, size, creed...If you'd like to do Pilates but are worried about joining a class, please contact us for a chat.


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